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Auroris wallapaper-shadow by MelAddams Auroris wallapaper-shadow by MelAddams
Okay, so, Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio is the best program I've used for painting, and Frenden's brushes have made that experience even better. The previous version of this is one that had been kinda bugging me, because while Mischief is GREAT for drafting and not having to worry about the final image size, it's harder for me to actually paint with. So, since Auroris' birthday was coming up, I figured I'd repaint the lineart I'd done so he could have a wallpaper that didn't look awful. (I was only a day late when I sent it to him, whoo!) I also added the Sanctuary logo (with placement nearly as hilarious as that time Sonnac stood in front of that painting), and...okay see look I skinned half his face because he very specifically did not say "no" when it came up, and then I added the shadow coming out of it to join the rest when I remembered that visual was literally IN THE SAME IMAGE to make it more of a personalized cool factor kind of thing instead of me just getting to go WHEEE MUSCLES...

I probably shouldn't be writing descriptions right now, I'm too rambly. The takeaway I got from this was: if you are having issues with wonky proportions, try removing the skin! The results may surprise you! Or not, because exposed muscle rides straight past the Uncanny Valley into the Weirded Out Mountains.
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April 29, 2016
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